Israeli warplanes strike Hezbollah stronghold in eastern Lebanon

Israeli Warplanes Strike Hezbollah Stronghold in Eastern Lebanon

Beirut, April 14 – Israeli warplanes launched an airstrike on a pro-Iranian Hezbollah stronghold in eastern Lebanon, resulting in at least three casualties. The attack targeted a building in Nabi Sheet, near Baalbeck, according to Lebanese security and Hezbollah sources.

The Israeli army stated that the strike was in response to firing towards northern Israel and aimed at a significant Hezbollah weapons manufacturing site in the Nabi Chit area deep inside Lebanon. Hezbollah fighters reportedly went on high alert following the airstrike near the Lebanese-Syrian border.

Lebanon’s National News Agency confirmed the attack, reporting that “an enemy air strike targeted a building” in the village of al-Nabi Sheet, causing its destruction. Hezbollah acknowledged the loss of at least one fighter, without specifying the location of the casualty.

In retaliation for Israeli raids on southern Lebanese villages, Hezbollah fighters reportedly launched Katyusha rockets towards the Golan Heights. This escalation follows Iran’s drone and missile attacks on Israel in response to an alleged Israeli strike on an Iranian compound in Syria, resulting in casualties among Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards.

The situation remains tense in the region as Israeli airstrikes and Hezbollah’s retaliation have heightened tensions between the two sides. The ongoing conflict underscores the complex dynamics and overlapping interests in the Middle East.


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