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Jaishankar praises Modi’s success in bringing back Indians from seized ship in Iran

External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar reassures bringing back 17 Indian crew members detained in Iran. He emphasizes Modi’s guarantee of support not only in India but also abroad. Jaishankar highlights discussions with Iranian authorities to secure the release of the crew amid the challenging global scenario.

Jaishankar underscores the Prime Minister’s commitment to safeguarding Indian citizens in distress abroad. He mentions ongoing efforts to engage with Iranian officials and ensure the safe return of the detained crew members. The EAM acknowledges the complex geopolitical landscape but expresses confidence in resolving the situation through diplomatic channels.

Reflecting on the current international conflicts, Jaishankar praises Modi’s leadership and global standing. He credits the government’s proactive approach in addressing cross-border terrorism and enhancing India’s global reputation. Jaishankar highlights India’s role in global forums like the G20 and its assistance to other nations during the Covid-19 pandemic.

During his visit to Bengaluru, Jaishankar emphasizes the importance of reelecting Prime Minister Modi for a secure and prosperous future. He outlines the government’s focus on countering terrorism, strengthening border security, and positioning India as a key global player. Jaishankar underscores the BJP’s vision for the next 25 years in building a developed and resilient India.


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