Jason Roy reveals why he prioritized his mindset and body over IPL 2024

England opener Jason Roy has made the tough decision to withdraw from the IPL 2024 season with Kolkata Knight Riders in order to prioritize his well-being. This meant KKR had to sign in fellow England opener Phil Salt as a replacement. Roy had a successful season in 2023, scoring 285 runs in eight matches.

In a recent episode of The Athlete’s Voice podcast, Roy explained his decision, citing fatigue and the importance of putting his mindset and body first. This was influenced by his experiences in previous years, including missing IPL 2022 due to personal reasons. Roy emphasized the importance of self-care and making decisions based on personal well-being.

After missing out on England’s squad for the 2023 Men’s ODI World Cup, Roy played for different teams in various leagues, including SA20, ILT20, and PSL 2024. The toll of a busy schedule and lack of rest led Roy to prioritize his health and rest ahead of the IPL season, despite KKR’s trust and support.

Roy’s openness about his decision and the reasons behind it reflect a growing trend in professional sports where athletes prioritize mental and physical well-being. It also highlights the challenges faced by players in balancing personal and professional commitments, especially in demanding and competitive environments like the IPL.


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