Kakao becomes the first South Korean company to join the global open-source AI Alliance

Seoul-based internet company Kakao has announced its membership in a global consortium dedicated to advancing open-source artificial intelligence (AI) research and development. This marks Kakao as the first South Korean corporate member of the initiative. The AI Alliance, established in December, aims to promote innovation and establish standards in the AI technology landscape. With around 100 members from various sectors, the consortium strives to enhance the safety, security, and trust in AI systems worldwide.

Kakao’s decision to join the AI Alliance, led by tech giants IBM and Meta, demonstrates its commitment to fostering a local AI ecosystem that aligns with international standards. The company’s participation signifies a strategic move toward leveraging collective expertise and resources to drive advancements in AI technologies. By collaborating with global industry leaders and academic institutions, Kakao aims to contribute to the development of benchmarks, evaluation standards, and tools that support responsible AI development and deployment on a global scale.

Kim Kyung-hoon, head of Kakao’s AI safety division, expressed the company’s dedication to working with the AI Alliance in establishing a reliable and transparent open-source AI ecosystem. Kakao’s involvement in the consortium reflects its proactive approach to promoting ethical AI practices and ensuring compliance with industry regulations. As the first South Korean firm to join the AI Alliance, Kakao is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of AI research and development, driving innovation and collaboration within the global AI community.

In conclusion, Kakao’s membership in the AI Alliance signifies a significant milestone in South Korea’s AI industry, showcasing the company’s commitment to enhancing the development and deployment of AI technologies in line with international standards. Through its partnership with industry leaders and academic experts, Kakao is positioned to contribute to the advancement of open-source AI ecosystems worldwide, fostering innovation, safety, and trust in AI systems for the benefit of society.


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