Kick Streamer, ‘lilignorant’ Is Going Viral Online For Of His Reckless Driving Videos

The Kick streamer ‘Lilignorant’ is currently hitting the headlines because of his behaviour. It’s not surprising that he has hate online because his behaviour does seem to be a little too ignorant. He is a relatively new streamer on Kick and has currently joined the platform with only a few followers.

Kick Streamer, ‘lilignorant’ Going Viral

However, because of his videos and streams, he has gone viral, and people are kind of worried about how he is driving. In his stream, which was only a few minutes long, he was seen driving way too fast. A speed like that is reckless and can be life-threatening. In that video, he was seen driving and overtaking cars left and right at high speed.

Loud music was also playing in the car, and the cameraman who was capturing the whole thing was in the back seat. During the stream, the car also collided with what seemed to be a speed breaker. Fortunately, no pedestrians, cars, or animals nearby seemed to have gotten hurt because of this reckless driving.

However, the video of this has gone out to, and people are talking about how it is even safe to drive like this. His YouTube channel, which is titled ‘Lil Ignorant,’ is full of videos of his rash driving, and he makes POV-type videos out of it.

Kick currently doesn’t have any community guidelines against rash and reckless driving portrayal, which is why the videos are still available on it. However, the Amazon-owned streaming platform, Twitch, does have guidelines that do not allow streamers to showcase rash driving online.

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Lilignorant has not replied to or interacted with any comments or engagements that call him out for being too rash on the streets as of yet, though. However, he continues to post such videos, and fans and netizens online continue to get worried for him and the people who are watching him and getting wrongly influenced by his driving online.

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