Taylor Swift’s Blank Space Themed Cake Goes Viral On The Internet

Taylor Swift has gone viral in the past few days for a couple of reasons, which includes her new album “The Tortured Department,” the fact that she released a double album and named it “The Tortured Poets Department: The Anthology,” the hints towards the release of her “Reputation” album with parentheses, the fact that she missed out on Joe Alwyn in her new album, and more.

Viral Taylor Swift’s Blank Space-Themed Cake

The newest reason why Taylor is now going viral is because of the cake. Yes, a cake, and no, the cake is not shaped like Taylor Swift, although the Swifties can do anything. The cake is based on the one we saw in her music video for “Blank Space.”

In that video, she stabbed a cake, and it spluttered out red liquid, and that cake is now circulating on the internet. It turns out the cake is almost impossible to make exactly because the red liquid doesn’t splutter out the way it did in the music video.

Cake enthusiasts have tried loads of different ways to make it; some liquid is too thick, while some just don’t seem right. However, the ones who are getting it right are gatekeeping the recipe behind the cake.

It’s a fun thing that the Swifties are getting into. Everything is under wraps right now, but the fun thing to check out is that people are getting to eat and make fun cakes based on their favorite Taylor Swift music videos, like Blank Space!”

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