Kriti explains her preference for Indian men: ‘Too desi, want someone who understands Hindi’

In a recent podcast interview with Raj Shamani, actress Kriti Sanon expressed her preference for Indian men, citing her desi roots as the reason behind her attraction. While acknowledging the appeal of Hollywood heartthrobs like Ryan Gosling, Kriti revealed that she is drawn to men who have a desi touch.

Kriti shared, “I haven’t fallen for someone who is not completely Indian. I would prefer to date a guy who is a little desi.” She emphasized the importance of cultural compatibility, stating that she feels more comfortable with someone who understands Hindi and appreciates Indian music and dance.

The actress’s candid remarks shed light on her personal preferences and cultural identity, resonating with many who value their roots and heritage in the modern dating world. Kriti’s openness about her dating preferences has sparked conversations about the significance of shared traditions and values in relationships.

As Kriti continues to gain acclaim for her role in the film ‘Crew’, her insights on love and relationships add another dimension to her public persona. Her honest and relatable take on finding love highlights the importance of staying true to oneself while navigating the complexities of modern romance.


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