Love and Betrayal in Stebin Ben’s ‘Kaabil’ with Pratik Sehajpal and Delbar Arya

Mumbai, April 4 (IANS) The song ‘Kaabil’ featuring ‘Bigg Boss 15’ Runner-up Pratik Sehajpal and actress Delbar Arya was released on Thursday. The song, crooned by Stebin Ben, delves into the harsh realities of betrayal in modern relationships. The music video showcases the couple in love, only to face betrayal and heartbreak.

Delbar Arya shared that the song aims to shed light on the fragile nature of trust in today’s relationships, where love often comes at a price. She expressed hope that the song would resonate with audiences who have experienced betrayal in their own lives. She praised Stebin Ben’s voice for adding a poignant touch to the heartbreak anthem.

The actress also spoke about her experience working with Pratik Sehajpal, highlighting his kindness and the chemistry they shared on-screen. Pratik reciprocated the sentiment, praising Delbar’s talent and calling her a joy to work with. The duo shot the music video in Sweden and bonded over their shared passion for the project.

The song ‘Kaabil’ offers a raw and honest portrayal of modern relationships, capturing the emotions of betrayal and heartbreak. With its powerful lyrics and soulful rendition by Stebin Ben, the song is poised to strike a chord with audiences. The team behind the music video has worked diligently to deliver a compelling narrative that reflects the complexities of love and trust in contemporary times.


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