Shakira Loses Lyrics for Entire Album After Suitcase Goes Missing at Airport

LOS ANGELES – Grammy winner Shakira shared a heartbreaking story of losing an entire album when her suitcase disappeared from an airport in Bogota. The pop star had written lyrics for her fourth album at 21 in the 1990s, stored in her dad’s briefcase.

Shakira revealed on ‘The Hot Ones’ YouTube series, “When I was like, 21, I had written a whole body of work. And it got lost at an airport in Bogota. I had all my lyrics in my dad’s briefcase because I used to travel with my parents back in the day.”

After the incident, she named her album ‘Where are the Thieves?’ as a tribute to the lost work. She had to reconstruct all the lyrics in her head, which took a significant effort on her part to complete, but she prevailed in the end.

The ‘Hips Don’t Lie’ singer believes she was not the target of an attack but rather got caught in an “unfortunate” situation. She explained, “I wasn’t targeted specifically. I think just you know, the bag just disappeared. The suitcase disappeared with my lyrics. I was unfortunate. It was so painful.”

Shakira, 47, also spoke about the evolution of her voice, stating that it has improved significantly since her music debut. Despite the challenges she faced, she has continued to excel in her music career.


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