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Measures Implemented to Guarantee Sufficient Power Supply During Summer Peaks: Karnataka Minister

Bengaluru, March 27 (IANS) Karnataka Energy Minister K.J. George assured that the state government is well-prepared to meet the increased power demand during the upcoming summer months. The state’s power consumption has hit a record high of 329 million units per day, up from 300 million units last year, with a peak load of over 17,000 MW compared to 15,300 MW last year.

George emphasized the government’s focus on providing uninterrupted power supply to students and farmers. He pointed out that previous power generation levels have remained consistent over the last four years, attributing the current situation to factors like poor rainfall. However, power generation saw a significant increase from 14,048 MW in 2013-14 to 27,780 MW in 2017-18 during the government’s first term.

The Minister highlighted that factors such as a poor monsoon have led to a 45 percent increase in power consumption across households and the agricultural sector. Despite these challenges, the government is ready to handle the increased demand by prioritizing energy consumption for consumers, farmers, and industries.

In a move to boost thermal power generation, Karnataka has decided to import 2.5 lakh tonnes of coal from Indonesia to blend with local coal. This initiative is expected to add an extra 600-800 MW capacity to the existing 3,400 MW capacity of thermal plants, helping meet the peak summer demand. The government is committed to ensuring a stable power supply during the upcoming months to support the state’s energy needs.


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