Microsoft to open a new AI hub in London

Microsoft has announced the opening of a new AI hub in London, UK, to drive pioneering work in advancing state-of-the-art language models. Led by AI scientist Jordan Hoffmann, the hub will collaborate with Microsoft AI teams and partners like OpenAI to create world-class tooling.

Hoffmann, who previously worked at Inflection and DeepMind in London, will be joined by a group of Microsoft AI team members at the company’s Paddington office. Microsoft plans to make a significant, long-term investment in the UK region by hiring the best AI scientists and engineers for the new AI hub, leveraging the vast pool of AI talent and expertise in the country.

The tech giant also highlighted its 2.5 billion pound investment to upskill the UK workforce for the AI era and build infrastructure for the AI economy. This includes bringing 20,000 of the most advanced GPUs to the country by 2026. The new AI hub in London is part of Microsoft’s strategy to advance consumer AI products and research, solidifying its commitment to innovation and collaboration in the AI space.

The move comes months after the creation of the new Microsoft AI organisation, which focuses on advancing AI technologies like Copilot. With the establishment of the London AI hub, Microsoft aims to further strengthen its position as a leader in AI research and development, driving groundbreaking advancements in language models and infrastructure with the help of top AI talent in the UK.


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