Ministry reports Palestinian death toll in Gaza has risen to 33,482

In Gaza, the Palestinian death toll has reached 33,482 due to ongoing Israeli attacks, with 122 killed and 56 wounded in the last 24 hours. The Health Ministry also reports that 76,049 have been injured since the Israel-Hamas conflict began. Some victims remain trapped as Israeli forces block rescue efforts.

The Health Ministry in Gaza has confirmed a significant increase in casualties as Israeli attacks continue to escalate. The death toll now stands at a staggering 33,482, with 122 Palestinians killed and 56 wounded in the past day alone. This brings the total number of injuries to 76,049 since the conflict began.

According to a statement from the Ministry, some victims are still trapped under rubble and on the roads, as Israeli forces obstruct rescue teams from reaching them. The situation on the ground remains dire, with many innocent lives at risk due to the ongoing violence. The international community has been called upon to intervene and put an end to this humanitarian crisis.

Israel’s offensive against Hamas in the Gaza Strip stems from a previous Hamas attack on southern Israel in October 2023, which resulted in numerous casualties and hostages. The retaliatory actions have further escalated tensions in the region, leading to a devastating loss of life. The conflict shows no signs of abating, with both sides continuing to suffer tragic consequences.

The situation in Gaza remains volatile and calls for immediate action to prevent further loss of life. The international community must step in to ensure the safety and well-being of innocent civilians caught in the crossfire. The ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas has already claimed too many lives, and urgent measures are needed to bring about peace and stability in the region.


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