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Police officers at Kashi Vishwanath Dham to don dhotis

In an attempt to create a devotee-friendly atmosphere at Kashi Vishwanath Dham complex in Varanasi, policemen will now don dhoti-kurta attire. This move, which includes a three-day training program for officers, aims to improve the visitor experience and avoid negative perceptions associated with police uniforms.

Temple officials stated that male officers will wear dhoti and a dupatta to resemble priests, while female officers will wear salwar kurta. Commissioner of Police, Mohit Agrawal, highlighted that devotees often feel disrespected by the handling of crowds and that this initiative is aimed at creating a friendlier police image.

“A major issue arises when devotees are made to wait in long queues for darshan. This delays their prayer offering and frustrates others waiting in line. To address the situation and improve the image of police officers involved in crowd control, authorities have opted for a ‘khaki-free’ inner sanctum,” said Agrawal. The new “no touch” policy for crowd control aims to guide devotees using ropes instead of physical contact.

While crowds were lower in 2018 compared to previous years after the complex’s renovation, complaints about forceful removal from the sanctum sanctorum or its doors by police officers have emerged. The initiative to have officers wear traditional attire is part of a broader effort to enhance the visitor experience and ensure a pleasant environment for devotees at the renowned temple in Varanasi.


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