Power Ministry establishes panel to monitor thermal power projects

The Union Power Ministry has established an independent Thermal Project Monitoring Group (TPMG) to oversee thermal power projects. Headed by CEA’s Member (Thermal), the group includes retired CEA/NTPC/DVC officials. The Ministry aims to install 93,380 MW of new coal-based thermal power by 2031-32, with 26,380 MW under construction.

With an ambitious plan to install 93,380 MW of new coal-based thermal power by 2031-32, the Union Power Ministry has formed an independent Thermal Project Monitoring Group (TPMG) to monitor and execute thermal power projects. Led by the CEA’s Member (Thermal), the group comprises senior officials from CEA/NTPC/DVC along with two deputy director-level officials of the CEA.

The Power Ministry’s move to establish the TPMG is in line with its goal to install 93,380 MW of new coal-based thermal power by 2031-32. Currently, 26,380 MW is under construction, with 11,960 MW bid out and 19,050 MW awaiting clearance. Additionally, 31,000 MW is at an advanced stage of implementation, and construction of 17,000 MW is set to commence soon.

The TPMG will conduct site visits at thermal power projects in the Central and state sectors, as well as independent power producers, to assess the progress firsthand. The group members will compare the project progress to the reports submitted directly to the CEA by project proponents and provide a realistic assessment to the Ministry. They will also identify challenges faced during implementation and evaluate mitigation strategies to ensure project success.

The group members are tasked with submitting progress review reports within seven working days after each site visit to apprise the Power Ministry of the progress and timelines of thermal power projects under implementation. Through these efforts, the Ministry aims to streamline the monitoring and execution of thermal power projects to meet the set targets and address any obstacles encountered during the process.


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