Rakhi Sawant Might Get Arrested Over Leaked Video Scandal

Controversial personality Rakhi Sawant has found herself in a legal setback as her appeal for anticipatory relief has been rejected by the Supreme Court. The bail was related to avoiding potential arrest in connection with the allegation of leaking her private videos.

The Supreme Court has ordered her to appear in a lower court in the next four weeks on charges of leaking her private videos with her ex-husband Adil Durrani.

Earlier, The Bombay High Court dismissed her plea which led Rakhi to challenge their decision in the apex court. The hearing is scheduled for 23 April which will decide the course of her case.

Rakhi Sawant leaked video scandal 

Adil Khan Durrani filed a case against Rakhi Sawant under sections 500 and 34 of the Indian Penal Code that deal with accomplice involvement in criminal intent and defamation. Also, section 67A of the Information Technology Act cites publishing sexually explicit material electronically. The FIR made against her alleges that she leaked Adil’s video on a television talk show and later on the internet through WhatsApp.

On the other hand, Rakhi Sawant’s legal team has stated that it is difficult to identify any type of sexual content in such a film because it is around 5 years old and is of low quality. To avoid questioning, her legal team has stated medical issues i.e. requirement for surgeries.

The high-profile marriage of Rakhi Sawant and Adil Durani was filled with public scrutiny and secrecy. The couple are now separated but they continue to target each other on public platforms which is adding more layers of complexity to their case.

Adil went on to marry Former Bigg Boss contestant Somi Khan while Rakhi continues to grab media attention through her weird tactics.”

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