Reem Shaikh and Eklavya Sood reminisce about Deepak Parashar’s food tales: ‘Like a comforting soulful embrace’

Mumbai, April 4 (IANS) Actors Reem Shaikh and Eklavya Sood have fondly recalled the memories of sharing homemade meals brought by Deepak Parashar, also known as Naanu on the sets of ‘Raisinghani Vs Raisinghani’. The camaraderie built over these meals made the shooting experience truly special.
Reem, who plays Ankita Pandey in the series, expressed, “Deepak was like family to us on and off-screen. His caring nature and youthful spirit made him a beloved presence. The big lunch boxes he brought filled with homemade delights were always a highlight, and we miss his cheerful presence.”
Eklavya, who portrays Harsh Nokewal, shared, “I really miss Deepak’s lunch boxes. They provided me with comfort, especially on days when I felt homesick. His gesture of bringing homemade chole chawal on a tough day felt like a warm hug to my soul, showcasing the familial bond on set.”
The ensemble cast, including Jennifer Winget, Karan Wahi, and Joy Sengupta, in ‘Raisinghani Vs Raisinghani’, streams on Sony LIV. Deepak, with his homemade meals, brought the cast and crew closer, making the shooting experience memorable for all involved.


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