Residents of Naples take to the streets in fear after minor earthquake hits nearby

An earthquake with a magnitude of 3.7 shook the area surrounding Naples and Mount Vesuvius on Sunday morning, according to the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (INGV). The epicentre was in Italy’s volcanic region of the Phlegraean Fields, west of Naples. There were no casualties reported, but the quake was clearly felt in Naples and surrounding areas.

The earthquake, although low in magnitude, caused panic among residents who took to the streets in fear. The Phlegraean Fields, known for its high volcanic activity, has experienced several small earthquakes in recent months. Researchers have warned that these tremors weaken the earth’s crust in the area, necessitating caution.

Italy has a history of deadly earthquakes, making any seismic activity in the region a cause for concern. For 11 years, the Phlegraean Fields have been on yellow alert, indicating the need for vigilance. While no major damage was reported, the incident serves as a reminder of the volatile nature of the region.

The fire brigade confirmed that there were no significant damages caused by the earthquake. Although tremors were felt in Naples and nearby areas, there were no reports of injuries. The ongoing seismic activity in the Phlegraean Fields underscores the importance of monitoring and preparedness in earthquake-prone regions.


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