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Roshan Mathew shares the link between him & his 'Poacher' character




Roshan Mathew shares the link between him & his 'Poacher' character

Actor Roshan Mathew, known for his work in ‘Poacher’, revealed the connection between him and his character. In an interview with IANS, he highlighted how the character’s background and language helped him step into the character’s shoes. Roshan also mentioned his previous collaboration with Nimisha Sajayan was beneficial for this project.

Roshan stated, “The geographical background of this character and his language gave me the link into his world because apart from that, this man is very different from who I’m in terms of the kind of things that he does and the life that he leads”. He also expressed excitement to work with Nimisha again, citing their good chemistry from previous projects as a driving force behind his decision to take on ‘Poacher’.

‘Poacher’ is currently available for streaming on Prime Video, showcasing Roshan Mathew’s talent and versatility on-screen. With positive feedback pouring in for his performance, Roshan’s connection with the character and the project as a whole seems to have resonated well with the audience. Fans can now enjoy watching this talented actor in action, delving into the complex world of ‘Poacher’.


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