Ruby Franke Case Story Explained: From Momfluencer to Child Abuser, Sentenced to Four Terms of 1-15 Years in Prison

The case of Ruby Franke, an American influencer, is the perfect example that not everything you watch on YouTube is appealing and true.

Also, having millions of followers does not make you a hero.

Ruby Franke has been in the news for quite some time for torturing her children.

Now she has been sentenced to prison for the same.

The 42-year-old, Ruby Franke, faces charges along with her partner-in-crime, Jodi Hildebrandt, for 4 to 60 years.

The prosecution described the charges as “concentration camp-like” child abuse.

Previously, the YouTuber pleaded guilty to abusing and making her children starve.

On Tuesday, 20 February 2024, she accepted and apologized in court with tears.

Eric Clarke, the prosecutor, said in a court in Utah that two of Franke’s children are currently living in a “concentration camp-like setting.”

Moreover, her children also called her a “significant threat to the community.”

Ruby Franke’s Journey from An Influencer to Prisoner

The now-infamous Child Abuser, Ruby Franke, was a ‘momfluencer’ from Utah, creating content on household. By posting her family’s life, she gathered millions of followers.

She made videos with her “now-estranged” husband, Kevin.

Her content came under scrutiny in 2020 when other content creators and viewers criticized her “toxic behavior” at times.

She abused her children with her strict parenting techniques, which later became concerning for her viewers.

When her house was searched, it went viral. You can know the whole story here, how the Cops stormed into her house and she was arrested along with her business partner.

Not only that, YouTube used a variety of strenuous strategies to torture her kids. You can read more here.

What’s Next For Franke?

In December 2023, Ruby pleaded guilty to a charge of child abuse.

The date of sentencing was scheduled for February 20, 2024. The YouTuber acknowledged the plea agreement to be imprisoned.

After the sentencing, she appeared in court with Hildebrandt and apologized there.

Clarke, Utah’s prosecuting attorney, mentioned that children were “regularly denied food, water, beds to sleep in, and virtually all forms of entertainment.”

He added,

“Had the older of the children not had the courage to run away and ask a neighbor to call the police, heaven only knows how much longer he could have survived in that situation.”

Ruby Franke and her business partner, Hildebrandt, have been sentenced by the Judge to serve “four terms of one to 15 years each.”

Under Utah law, “the sentences will run consecutively and are the maximum for each count.” YouTuber has two days to appeal the judgment.”

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