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S.Korea Prez Yoon attends church service marking March 1 Independence Movement

South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol attended a church service on Sunday, commemorating the 1919 independence movement against Japanese colonial rule. Yoon visited Wonchon Baptist Church in Suwon, five days before the nation observes the anniversary of the March 1 Independence Movement. He is the first sitting President to attend a church service honoring the movement.

Yoon emphasized the significance of the March 1 movement, stating, “The South Korean church was on that great journey toward a free and prosperous future.” He also expressed South Korea’s commitment to contributing to world peace and joint prosperity, and working towards the nation’s development. Additionally, he pledged to approach governance with humility and prioritize the well-being of the people.

The President’s attendance at the church service signifies a symbolic gesture of remembrance and respect for the sacrifices made by the patriotic martyrs during the independence movement. Yoon’s presence at the event highlights the government’s recognition of the historical significance of the March 1 movement and its commitment to upholding the values of freedom and prosperity that it represents.

Yoon’s participation in the church service reflects his administration’s focus on fostering unity, progress, and inclusivity within South Korean society. By attending the event honoring the 1919 independence movement, the President underscores his dedication to honoring the country’s history and promoting a vision of a peaceful and prosperous future for all citizens.


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