Sahajarasar, Rajasthan: Land Sinks 70 Feet, Crowds Gather to Capture Photos and Videos

In the Bikaner district of Rajasthan, news has emerged of land sinking to a depth of 70 feet. Around one and a half bigha of land in Lunkaransar, Bikaner, Rajasthan, sank to this depth in just one night, leaving behind a massive pit that startled residents the following morning.

Since the incident, the news has dominated the media, with people gathering at the site to take photos and videos, which are later shared on the internet.

On April 16, residents of Dhani Bhopalaram Road were going about their daily chores when they witnessed the massive pit sinking to 70 feet. Upon seeing the area, they immediately alerted the police, leaving everyone stunned.

Land in Sahajarasar, Rajasthan sink to 70 feet

Curiosity surrounding the pit prompted a team from the Geological Survey of India to arrive at the scene and investigate the matter. Currently, the entire area is under police surveillance throughout the day. It is worth noting that local news agencies are prohibited from entering the area, while nearby residents are living in fear.

The local administration is also striving to ascertain the cause of the land sinking to 70 feet. To aid in this effort, drones were utilized to capture full video footage of the area, which has since gone viral on various social media platforms.

Presently, fencing has been erected around the pit to prevent further damage. SDM Rajendra Kumar, along with other police officers, is overseeing the case. While speaking to the media, he mentioned that due to the ongoing Lok Sabha election, they were initially unable to conduct a thorough investigation, but now they are proceeding in a detailed manner.

Thus far, both the police and the Geological Survey of India have been unable to reach any conclusions. While some believe it to be a natural disaster, others speculate that it could be a manifestation of divine wrath.

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