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Mastering Satyanarayan Sheera Recipe: STEP-BY-STEP Guide

Discover the sacred sweetness of Satyanarayan Sheera with our easy recipe – a divine treat for festive celebrations!

Satyanarayan Sheera is a common recipe that is made in almost every household during auspicious occasions like puja. In India many households organize a Satyanarayan puja at least once a year, hence, from children to adults, everybody falls in love with the delectable prasadam. But, you won’t have to wait for Satyanarayan Puja to eat Satyanarayan sheera anymore! Here is the most easy and simple recipe for you!

STEP-BY-STEP Satyanarayan Sheera Recipe

Recipe By Madhuras Recipe Marathi
Course: Dessert, Prasadam Cusine:Indian Difficulty:Easy


5-6 minutes

Preparing Time

5 minutes

Cooking Time

15 minutes


500 kcal


  1. 1/4 kg Ghee

  2. 1/4 kg fine Rava / Suji

  3. Sliced Almonds

  4. Cashew nuts

  5. 2~3 Bananas chopped

  6. 1/4 kg Sugar

  7. 1/2 litre boiling Milk

  8. Nutmeg powder

  9. Few Raisins

  10. Cardamom powder

  11. Tulasi leaves


  1. Heat a pan and add half of the assigned ghee. Then add rava to it and mix well.<br>Stir the entire mixture continuously on medium flame until it gives an even pink color.

  2. Take another pan and add the leftover ghee.<br>When the ghee heats up, add cashew slices, and almond slices and roast them until they turn golden brown.
  3. Add banana to the ghee and let it caramelize nicely.<br>Stir everything together for about 4-5 minutes.<br>Then add raisins and stir it.<br>Turn the flame off and nutmeg powder to the roasted dried fruits and stir well.
  4. Switch the dried fruits pan on to flame and add even golden-colored rava to the caramelized banana mix and stir well.<br>Add milk to the mixture and mix well.
  5. Cover the lid of the pan and let the rava cook for 3-4 minutes in milk.<br>Remove the lid, and mix everything well. Then add sugar.
  6. Add tulasi leaves and cardamom powder, and mix well. For another 5 minutes, cover and cook the mixture in low flame.<br>Uncover it, mix it well, and enjoy the Satyanarayan Sheera Prasadam!


    Adding nutmeg powder is optional.

    If the recipe is not made for Puja purposes, then you can skip adding Tulasi leaves.

    Stir rava continuously otherwise, it will burn.

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