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Scared of getting tattoos? Use numbing cream for tattoo



Numbing cream is a skin cream that works by blocking the sodium channels of the body by numbing the sensory nerves that would supply the sensations of the skin, to the brain so that the pain signals cannot be felt. The numbing creams are used for different purposes like during cosmetic appointments, before any minor surgeries and operations, before getting tattoos, or any other time when the skin is to be exposed to pain. A type of body modification/design, made by ink, pigments, or dyes using a needle. It might be very painful for some people as the needle penetrates the skin layer for a design. Therefore, a numbing cream is used.

What are tattoo numbing creams used for?

The tattoo numbing creams are used for various purposes that are cosmetic as well as medical. In the cosmetic field, they are applied before getting a tattoo, piercings, micro-needling, laser hair removal, lip injections, waxing, eyebrow, electrolysis, botox, dermal fillers, etc. In the medical field, the numbing cream is applied before any minor surgeries like putting stitches, little sample tests, etc.

Best numbing creams for tattoo

Tattoo is no doubt, a painful experience. But this should not stop a person from getting beautifully inked. The best tattoo numbing creams are available in the market to give the best experience while getting a tattoo. 5 best tattoo numbing creams short-listed by the experts. One of the most preferred tattoos numbing creams is the hush numbing cream. This is the best numbing cream classified for big tattoos. It is a non-removing gel. It also prevents the tattoo from cracking out or drying up. The second one is ebanel cream. This is best overall. It is a very fast-acting cream. It starts showing its results within 1 to 2 minutes of applying. This cream has soothing agents like vitamin e, aloe vera gel, etc. The third one is numb master, which is considered best for cosmetic tattooing. The various soothing elements in this cream reduce the pain very quickly. The skin absorbs this gel very quickly. The fourth one is the derma change shingles numbing cream that is considered best for sensitive skin. This cream is a combination of all the natural ingredients. It is very safe to use. It contains manuka honey, which gives a very soothing effect. Not a numbing cream, but a numbing spray, which is used after tattooing is called the ebanel spray. This spray speeds up the healing after the tattoo. It functions quick and is easy to apply.


So, all in all, a tattoo numbing cream makes a tattoo experience fun and painless. All the tattoo artists have their tattoo numbing creams kept ready to use for their customers. However, it should be applied carefully and in proper quantities to have the best experience. 

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Here are some answers to the important questions.

Numbing creams are used for desensitizing that particular area of the skin to perform things on it like, getting tattoos, piercing, etc. The elements in it block the sensory nerves so that the pain sensations do not reach the brain. This way the pain is reduced or removed. The creams contain lidocaine which is the main, active numbing agent and is present in good quantity so that it can help in numbing properly. It is very effective and has the advantage of providing very quick results and giving relief from unbearable pain. Lidocaine is present in skin-numbing creams like dermoplast, lidoderm, and lidorx.


Why numb skin?

Numbing creams become essential when a person is not able to bear the pain that is felt due to various things like minor surgeries, getting tattoos, piercing, etc. The skin is numbed to carry out these processes properly without painful experiences. Sometimes severe itching can cause so much pain that it becomes unbearable. So, numbing creams have to be applied essentially. Other dermatologic procedures like dermabrasion, botox, laser procedure, etc. Are also required to relieve pain, and skin-numbing creams help. It can also reduce the pain of sunburn.


The main active ingredient in skin-numbing is lidocaine. It provides quick relief. The other ingredients that are present in the skin-numbing creams are; benzocaine, pramoxine, dibucaine, and tetracaine. Some numbing creams have some different ingredients but lidocaine is a constant ingredient. These creams numb the skin, allowing users to remain still and rest throughout their session, allowing their artist to perform their best work.

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Who can and cannot use the skin-numbing cream?

The lidocaine agent in the skin-numbing is not suitable for all people. So, people must get a doctor’s approval before using it. Generally, people with basic allergies should not use these creams with lidocaine. If the skin of a person has any cuts due to injury, wounds, rashes, bleedings, etc., or even if the skin feels sore or tired, then the skin-numbing cream should be avoided. Porphyria, methemoglobinemia, glucose-6-phosphate (g6pd) deficiency, are some of the diseases. These are rarely inherited. Anyone with these should not use the skin-numbing cream. This cream should be applied in the prescribed amount and needed steps should be followed to apply it.

The basic steps that should be followed while applying this cream are: firstly, directly squeezing the cream onto the area that requires numbing. Usually, it takes around 50 to 60 minutes for the numbing cream to show its best results. The cream is not supposed it be rubbed. Leave it away for some time with a waterproof dressing over it. Check the time and take off the dressing material. Whatever excess is left, get it cleaned with clean tissue. The numbing cream penetrates the skin and starts showing its effects.

This is how the skin-numbing creams work. They shouldn’t be used without the doctor’s advice. However, they are of great help when it comes to reducing the pain of something. A person only has to choose the best numbing cream to get the best results.  Hope we helped by providing the information you were looking for.


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