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Sex Query of The Week: What is The Difference Between Kink and Fetish?

Sex Query of The Week: What is The Difference Between Kink and Fetish?Representational Image (Photo Credits:

Q. Whenever I navigate to any of the porn sites, kink and fetish are the top categories. While it is true that these terms have become commonplace in sex fantasies over the past decade but I never really got the difference between the two. To fuel my confusion, I have noticed that these terms are used interchangeably for unusual sexual play. But are there any distinctions that separate the two or do they refer to the same thing? Can I please get an explanation?

Ans. Allow us to break it down for you:

What is Kink?

Kink is an umbrella term that includes all alternative sexual interests that are outside the more conventional mainstream forms. It not only comprises BDSM but also encompasses group sex, polyamory, pony play and much more. So do not be surprised if someone of the older generation finds dildos kinky, while you might consider them vanilla. Sexual Fetishes: What Is Dacryphilia? Know More About The Kink That Turns Some People On By Crying!

What is Fetish?

A fetish is a particular requirement that is necessary for an individual’s sexual arousal. Fetishes can involve inanimate objects such as high heels or leather or be more focused on specific body parts breasts. Many people have some fetishistic behaviours, but a real fetish is when an object fuels sexual arousal. From Mucous to Insects, 7 Bizzare Types of Sexual Fetishes That Exist in the World!

What Is The Difference Between Kink and Fetish?

Kinks often overlap with fetishes, but what separates the two depends on whether the behaviour for sexual arousal. Kink can be used to enhance the intimacy of the experience. Many couples engaging in kink do not need fetishes to enjoy sex. Kink can enhance sex, but it isn’t a requirement. A fetish, on the required in sexual play to get aroused. Sex in a Diaper? Weird Sexual Fetishes That Will Drive You Nuts!

Some fetishists can interfere with relationships or cross over into illegal territory and may need psychological treatment. If the fetish is causing distress or impairment to the individual others, it is a disruptive one.

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