Sherry Pollex Age, Family, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Wikipedia Bio, Death Cause

The internet is going frenzy over the news of Sherry Pollex’s passing. Recently, she split up from her longtime boyfriend Martin Truex Jr which left her loved ones in shock. However now that the news has come out of her sudden demise, sadly Sherry passed away on 17th September 2023.

With that said Sherry Pollex has been trending as the public is curious to know who she really is. So, here we are gonna be diving into the story and find out every important aspect of her life-

How Old Was Sherry Pollex? Age

She was born in 1979, which makes her 44 years old. Sherry was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and was being treated, but eventually, she lost the battle with Cancer leaving her friends and family devasted. 

How Much Was Sherry Pollex’s Net Worth?

Sherry Pollex Age, Family, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Wikipedia Bio, Death Cause

As per various news reports Sherry Pollex has a net worth of around 1 Million USD. Most of her money used to come from her charity work and endorsement deals. 

Who was Sherry Pollex’s Family?

She was born into a family of racers. Her father Greg was a well-known car racer and often raced raced Late Models at dirt tracks in Michigan before getting ownership in NASCAR’s national ranks.

Later the whole family shifted to Florida where Sherry completed her schooling and later enrolled in Florida State University getting a degree in sports marketing.

With time, she started working in a firm that had ties with NASCAR, strengthening her bond with the game. 

Who was Sherry Pollex In a Relationship With? Boyfriend

Back in 2005, Sherry Pollex met Martin Truex Jr. sparking a connection that seemed full of love and passion. However, they never really officially tied the knot with each other. They always had deep commitment towards one another.

Soon they started making an appearance together during NASCAR events. Sherry was known for her charitable work and often received a standing ovation. 

What’s Sherry Pollex’s Death Cause?

Back in 2014, pollex was diagnosed with stage III ovarian cancer after feeling sick during the summer. She had to undergo surgery to remove her female reproductive organs. Later she started chemotherapy to cure her cancer. Sadly after fighting with the cancer for a long time, she lost her life on 17 September 2023.

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Name Sherry-Pollex 
Year of Birth 1979 
Year of Death 2023 (44 years old)
Parents Greg Pollex and Julia Pollex
Net Worth USD 1,000,000

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