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Shillong Teer Result Today, November 29, 2023 Live Updates



Shillong Teer Result Today, November 29, 2023 Live Updates


F/R (03:40 PM)S/R (04:35 PM)

Shillong Teer Result Today, November 29, 2023

Meghalaya is a state in the Northeast that hosts a host of Teer events like Khanapara Teer, Jowai Teer, and Ladrymbai Teer, alongside Shillong Teer. While every Teer event is based upon an archery event, there are a few distinct characteristics in each one of the Teer games. One can stay updated by visiting the official website of the Khasi Hills Archery Sports Association (KHASA) or other platforms like

Shillong Teer is a unique game where a group of fifty archers shoot fifty arrows at a target in two rounds. Any person in the state of Meghalaya can purchase tickets ranging from Rs 1 to Rs 100 from more than 5000 Lottery Kiosks across the State. The results of the Teer event are available at the official website and other dedicated websites and apps. The first round results are available at 4.00 p.m. and the second round at 5.00 p.m.


Methodology To Play Shillong Lottery

  1. Buy a ticket from authorized sellers for Re 1 to Rs. 50.
  2. Select a number between 0 and 99
  3. Forecast how many arrows will hit the target.
  4. One can bet on the first round, second round, or both.
  5. A correct prediction wins Rs 80 for a Rs 1 ticket in the first round and Rs 60 in the second round.
  6. If you bet for both the rounds you can win Rs 4000.

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