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Sikh martial art showcased during ‘Hola Mohalla’ celebrations in Punjab

The ‘Virsa Sambhal’ Hola Mohalla Gatka Cup is set to take place in Anandpur Sahib, Punjab on March 25. Organised by the International Sikh Martial Art Council, the event aims to showcase martial skills by renowned ‘gatka akharas’ and promote the traditional Sikh martial art form.

International Sikh Martial Art Council (ISMAC) Chairman Harjeet Singh Grewal announced that boys and girls will participate in Sikh martial art demonstrations and Gatka competitions. Additionally, Gatka Soti-Fari individual contests will be held to add an extra dimension to the martial art games.

Grewal, also the president of the National Gatka Association of India, highlighted that the competitions aim to enhance the visibility, promotion, and preservation of the traditional Sikh martial art. The ancient art form serves as a deterrent against drugs and social ills, with winning players set to receive special felicitation and certificates.

Anandpur Sahib is a significant Sikh holy town where tens of thousands of devotees gather annually to offer prayers during ‘Hola Mohalla’ celebrations, coinciding with the Holi festival. The town is home to the second most important Sikh shrine after the Golden Temple in Amritsar, making it a culturally and religiously significant location for the event.


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