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SkyDrive collaborates with Suzuki to manufacture flying cars in Japan



Suzuki starts manufacturing flying cars in Japan with help from SkyDrive

The Skycar, developed jointly by Suzuki and SkyDrive, is an all-electric autonomous flying car. It was showcased recently during Vibrant Gujarat Summit in India. Suzuki Motor has partnered with Japanese startup SkyDrive to develop Skycar, a multi-rotor aircraft that also comes with autonomous features.

Suzuki Motor has started to manufacture its first flying car which was showcased by Maruti Suzuki at its pavilion during the Vibrant Gujarat Summit held in January. The all-electric autonomous Skycar is being jointly developed with a Japan-based flying car startup called SkyDrive. The startup is using the Japanese auto giant’s facility in Iwata City. Suzuki and SkyDrive had inked a deal in October last year to collaborate on developing a flying car that can serve as air taxi in urban areas.

The flying car showcased in India earlier this year is a prototype version of the model that is currently being manufactured by Suzuki at its Japan facility. The Skycar can take off and land on the rooftops of buildings. It also comes with autonomous features. The production version of the flying car is expected to be showcased at an expo to be held in Japan’s Osaka in 2025. A groundbreaking ceremony was held earlier this month at the Suzuki plant in Japan before the production started.


This project is part of Suzuki’s initiatives to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030. Suzuki is working to make air mobility practical with a production capacity of up to 100 such models every year. The flying car has a range of 15 minutes during which it promises to travel around 15 kms. The Skycar will have a capacity to accommodate up to two passengers. It flies with the help of 12 units of motors and rotors. The top cruising speed of the flying car is around 100 kmph. The company plans to build a bigger and improved flying car by 2031 which will be able to accommodate three passengers and offer a range of 40 kms.

Suzuki also aims to introduce flying cars in India. The company recently signed a deal with India-based Cyient for joint development of its flying vehicle. The deal between the two will allow the Japan-based flying car manufacturer to tap into the engineering ecosystem of talent and technology in India. However, there is no specific timeline for when India can expect to see the first of flying cars pressed into service.


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