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Top 5 Must-Watch Hot Sunita Rajput Web Series 

Sunita Rajput is a well-known Bhojpuri actress who is also known by the name Rajput Sunita. Recognized for her bold persona, she has appeared in numerous Hindi and Bhojpuri movies and web series.

Since her debut, she has participated in many successful projects including ‘Sirf Tum’ TV and ‘Aarambh: Kahani Devsena Ki’. Below, we are counting down some of the best web series featuring Sunita Rajput. Keep scrolling-

Best Sunita Rajput web series

1. Manmaniyan

Sunita Rajput Web Series
Image Credit: IMDb

It revolues around a middle-aged couple who are not happy with their lives. Both of them like to live separate lives. One day, the husband gets attracted towards his daughter’s friend Soniya. When the wife finds out about this, she is heartbroken and plans revenge on him. Meanwhile, the husband wants to have a romantic relationship with Soniya which she declines. Watch the web series to know what happens next. 

2. Gaon Ki Garmi Season 3

Best Sunita Rajput Web Series
Image Credit: IMDb

It shows a sexual relationship between an aunt and her nephew. It all starts when the nephew visits his uncle’s place in the village during his summer vacation. But the bond between him and his aunt starts to turn into sexual. The passion between them becomes so intense that they both end up sleeping with each other forgetting all boundaries. Watch the web series to know what happens next. 

3. Chachi Kand

Hot Sunita Rajput Web Series
Image Credit: IMDb

The web series shows a married couple where the husband has a lot of sexual urges and often cheats on his wife. He gets his kick while sleeping with other women. His wife always had doubts but eventually one day he was caught red-handed. 

4. Rangeen Baatien 

Top Sunita Rajput Web Series
Image Credit: IMDb

If you are looking for an erotic web series filled with bold scenes and dialogues then do try to check this one out. Sunita Rajput has been cast in a leading role. Her sensual performance on screen has received many favourable reviews from critics as well as the audience. 

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5. Kulta 2 

Priya Gamre
Image Credit: IMDb

Rajput Sunita will be seen alongside Actor Shakespeare. Both of them have a massive fan following solely based on their erotic scenes in movies and web series. The web series is available on Moodx, an OTT platform. Fellow actor Zoya Rathore will also be seen in the web series in a prominent role. Make sure you are alone once you start watching it as it has sexually explicit scenes. 

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