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Tanvi Malhara was overcome with emotion during intense scenes in ‘Savdhaan India Apni Khaki’

Mumbai, March 19 (IANS) Actress Tanvi Malhara, known for her role as Pragati Deshmukh in ‘Savdhaan India Apni Khaki’, opened up about how her character’s resilience mirrors her personal journey. Tanvi shared about her initial doubts about portraying a tough cop, but her passion for acting led her to embrace Pragati’s strength.

Tanvi faced challenges in embodying Pragati’s unwavering resolve, even tearing up during intense scenes. However, with perseverance, she was able to step into her character’s shoes. Reflecting on the parallels between her and Pragati, Tanvi highlighted the importance of pursuing dreams relentlessly.

The actress emphasized her own journey of aspiring to be an actor despite obstacles, drawing inspiration from Pragati’s courage in the face of challenges. Tanvi’s portrayal of Pragati also serves as a symbol of empowerment for young women, encouraging them to make their own choices and chase their dreams without regrets.

‘Savdhaan India Apni Khaki’ airs on Star Bharat, showcasing the strong portrayal of Pragati by Tanvi Malhara. The show continues to inspire viewers with its empowering narrative and strong characters.


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