Taylor Wilbur Tallent Cause of Death, What Happened To Taylor Wilbur Tallent? How Did He Die?

It is with a heavy heart we have to announce the departure of a beloved Taylor Wilbur Tallent. He was a resident of Acworth, Georgia. He decided to end his life by committing suicide. The sudden news of his demise stunned his friends and family as he was doing great in his life.

Here we are going to be diving into the story and find out what exactly happened to him that led him to commit such a sorrowful act. Keep scrolling- 

What Happened To Taylor Wilbur Tallent?

As per news reports, he was a renowned MMA fighter and a TikToker in Savannah, Georgia. Back in April got himself in legal trouble when he was charged with multiple sexual offenses involving a minor in Chatham County.

Sadly he was going through a tough time and decided to commit suicide to end his suffering. Months before his passing, he was booked under the charges of Aggravated Sodomy in Chatham County jail. 

For those who don’t know, Aggravated Sodomy involves sodomy with force and against a person’s will, or if the person is under the age of 10.

How Did Taylor Wilbur Tallent  Die? Cause of Death

Taylor Wilbur Tallent  Cause of Death, What Happened To Taylor Wilbur Tallent? How Did He Die?

As stated above, he tragically committed suicide after going through months of emotional distress. His family is sad and grieving. Plus, his sudden suicide has sent shockwaves in the entire community he lived in. His funeral arrangements are yet to be announced.

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Who was Taylor Wilbur Tallent?

Taylor was a famous MMA fighter in the Savannah area of Georgia. He got recognition because of his presence on TikTok.

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