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Teenaged Arshvant dominates NCR Cup, winning by six shots in impressive fashion

Arshvant Srivastava, a teenager from NOIDA, emerged victorious at the 12th NCR Cup at Golden Greens by winning the combined leaderboard, leading by a massive six shots. Arshvant clinched the title with rounds of 72-72-74, totaling 2-over 218, dominating Category A, B, and Amateurs.

He outperformed all participants with a winning margin of eight shots in Category B. His final day 74 included an eagle and four bogeys. Arshvant’s outstanding performance secured him the lowest winning total among Amateurs, Category A, and B together.

The tournament saw top finishers in different categories, with Harman Sachdeva excelling in Category A boys and Prarthana Khanna emerging as the winner in Category A girls. Guntas Sandhu claimed victory in Category B girls and also topped the combined standings with a score of 218.

Aditya Mishra clinched the Category C title, whereas Shan Alvi and Aaradhya Rawat secured victories in Category D for boys and girls respectively. The event witnessed talented young golfers showcasing their skills across various categories, making it a memorable competition in the golfing community.


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