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Telegram introduces new features to improve group communication




Telegram unveils new features to enhance group communication

New Delhi, March 1 (IANS) – Telegram has introduced nine new features to enhance group communication on its instant messaging app. The new updates include Boosts for Groups, Stories from Groups, Emoji Status, Covers, Wallpapers, Link Styles, Group Emoji Packs, Voice-to-Text, and more.

Boosts for Groups allow groups to level up through member boosts or giveaways, unlocking premium features like voice-to-text transcription and custom emoji packs. Group Stories give administrators the ability to share stories and spark interactive discussions among members. Group Emoji Packs let higher-level groups choose custom emoji sets for communication.

Voice-to-Text Transcription ensures seamless communication with unlimited transcription for voice and video messages in boosted groups. Special Permissions for Boosters can be granted by admins, allowing contributors to enjoy unique privileges like bypassing restrictions. Telegram Premium offers exclusive boosts for users, with additional boosts awarded for gifting Premium.


These new features aim to enrich the group chat experience, foster a sense of identity among members, and improve communication within groups. Telegram continues to innovate to provide a more interactive and engaging platform for its users, setting itself apart from other messaging apps with these unique offerings.

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