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Top 10 Profitable Long-Term Cryptocurrencies To Invest And Hold In 2022



Cryptocurrency came into existence because of the pitfalls of the present financial regimen. The acceptance of cryptocurrency is increasing all across the globe. Last year many cryptoinvestors have earned handsome profits despite the high volatility and the general animosity of the Central Banks. Here are Top 10 crypto-assets which have a high chance of giving handsome profits to your investments. However here is a word of caution- Invest wisely and know beforehand the chance of loss is very high.


Bitcoin(BTC) is the Numero Uno cryptocurrency and today with a market cap of US$771 billion, with a volume of US$26.84 billion it rules the roost. Many large entities and financial institutions have started to accept Bitcoin(BTC) as payment for its wares and services. BTC runs on the Blockchain Technology and can be labeled as a De-Fi. Bitcoin was created by an anonymous user called Satoshi who made the algorithms public in 2009.

Ethereum (ETH)

Second in the list of cryptoassets, ETH runs on an open-source blockchain. Ethereum boasts a market cap of US$346.39 billion  and a volume of US$15.80 billion. Ethereum was founded by Vitalik Buterin in 2013. Crypto assets like ETH does away with the need for finacial intermidiaries like brokers, banks and other financil institutions. The transactions are instantaneous and is accomplished in real time.


Cardano(ADA) is one of the major cryptocurrencies for crypto investors in 2022. It has got very fast transactions and this makes it very popular among the young Turks. Cardano(ADA) has a market cap of US$34.60 billion and a volume of US$2.94 billion. It was founded in 2015 by Charles Hoskinon who had earlier contributed in building the Ethereum platform. Instead of proof of work mode , the Cardano platform uses the proof of stake blochain platform. It is ecologically less damaging since it uses a fraction of power as copared to BTC mining.


Its values have surged phenomenally in 2021. Solana(SOL) runs on the proof-of-stake blockchain platform and boasts a flexible network and low energy level which endears itself to the fans of cryptotrade. Solana(SOL)has a market cap of US$30.20 billion and a volume of US$1.83 billion.It also claimsthat its transactions are many times faster than Ethereum platform. Solana was established through a white paper by Anatoly Yakovenko in 2017. Since it uses the proof of history platform its process is much quicker.

Binance Coin (BNB)

It is a crypto coin from one of the biggest crypto trading platforms and enables the investor to pay for transactions and trading fees at a lower rate than they would be with other tokens. Binance Coin (BNB) has a market cap of US$66.85 billion and a volume of US$1.69 billion.


Just like Binance Coin (BNB), Tether(USDT)  is a cryptocurrency hosted on the Ethereum blockchain with tokens issued by Tether Limited. Tether(USDT)   has a market cap of US$78.73 billion and a volume of US$59.79 billion.


XRP is a well-known prominent cryptocurrency that uses an open-source distributed ledger known as the XRP Ledger. The market cap of XRP is US$37.81 billion, with a volume of US$2.94 billion.

USD Coin

one of the stable coins, USD Coin is preferred by investors  who do not want to take risk. The USD coin has a market cap of US$52.58 billion and a volume of US$3.91 billion.


Tera is among the Global Top 10 Cryptocurrencies. Terra has a market cap of US$19.91 billion and a volume of US$1.29 billion.


Avalanche is a layer one Blockchain with a market cap of US$21.79 billion and a volume of US$1.56 billion.


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