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‘UP ke Anganwadi Kendro Mein Khushi ki Chaupal’

Lucknow, April 15 (IANS) – The Uttar Pradesh government has introduced a new initiative to enhance the learning experience for children in Anganwadi centres (AWCs). The initiative includes a book titled “Khushi ki Chaupal” and an academic manual inspired by public schools, aimed at promoting positive habits and happiness among children and parents.

“Khushi ki Chaupal” is a collection of stories designed to encourage positive habits and happiness among children and parents, developed by UNICEF. The book promotes responsive parenting practices and aims to provide a platform for parents to utilize the ‘Bal Pitara’ mobile application.

The ‘Bal Pitara’ app offers parents of children aged 3-6 access to a 32-week calendar with audio-video resources containing 384 activities, 32 stories, and 32 rhymes. Fortnightly meetings guided by the book will be held with parents to focus on children’s literacy and numeracy goals.

According to a government spokesman, the book serves as a comprehensive guide to responsive caregiving, covering early learning practices, nutrition, health, hygiene, and child protection issues. Developed in response to the closure of Anganwadis during Covid-19, the book initially focused on preschool education and conducted a pilot program in the Devipatan division.

The program informed parents about crucial developmental milestones in early childhood and offers detailed guidelines on home activities to support children’s development. The initiative aims to create a positive learning environment for children and enhance their overall well-being.


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