Viru Nikah Terinsip Gives Up Her Malaysian Beauty Queen Title After Dancing Video Goes Viral On Social Media

Viru Nikah Terinsip is the Malaysian beauty queen known for her grace, resilience, and elegant beauty. Her social media fans always praise her for her upbeat nature, and as a result, she has won many titles and pageants.

Viru Nikah Terinsip Gives Up Her Malaysian Beauty Queen Title

However, Viru is currently facing some trouble. While she hasn’t done anything particularly illegal or out of bounds, a video of her inappropriately dancing in public has been circulating on social media, causing a stir.

She won the ‘Unduk Ngadau Johor,’ the highest honor in their country during the Sabah Harvest Festival. But due to social media users and netizens finding her dancing inappropriate and rather vulgar, she has officially decided to relinquish that title to maintain her integrity.

During a conversation, she mentioned that people failed to detect the humor in the video of her dancing. Instead of escalating the situation further, she chose to step down from her title.

Social media users have found her dancing disturbing and offensive, and they have been commenting about it. To address the negative comments and criticism, she has given up her official title.

In an interview with The New Strait Times, she said,

“I joined the Unduk Ngadau competition by my own will and returned this title without coercion. I respect my decision… The title is not everything. It is about believing and valuing myself… The title does not determine one’s perfection or success. I am not perfect.”

She also mentioned that she would rather move on from the online criticism and focus on more important matters such as current events around the world.

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