Meaning Behind The Viral, ‘Big Back’ Trend On TikTok

Big Back- TikTok is a social media platform where people get to make and post short videos. On this platform, there are loads of trends that come and go. Currently, the trend which is taking over the platform is the ‘big back activities’ trend.

Meaning Behind The Viral, ‘Big Back Activities’ Trend

Now, this trend is exactly what it sounds like. Plus-size people generally have big backs. According to stereotypical comments on social media, people can only be plus-sized if they eat and devour their food too much.

So, people are making fun of their big backs online and making videos which are turning out to be related to other people with big backs. Another aspect of this trend is the fact that African American people use the term ‘big back’, and that’s kind of their regional slang.

Once the trend has gone viral, people from the African American Vernacular English community are not happy and they’d like to leave their slang alone to themselves. Petite and skinny people are also hopping in on the trend with pillows stuffed in their backs to hop in to the trend, which is also getting comments that they’re trying to body shame people.

Trends on TikTok usually tend to get in controversy and this trend is going through something similar now. People are enjoying though, the videos which are getting created are fun to watch and also very relatable to the people who are targeted.

The videos are usually based on overeating or how they’re lazing around all day and something down the line. People are constantly hopping more and more on the trend. It’s a new fad that is about to take over the platform and no one seems to complain about it.

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It’s fun, harmless, excluding the body-shaming comments that the comment section is getting swarmed with.

Shreshtha Banerjee

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