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“What are we preparing for if democracy is being murdered?” – Kangana Ranaut questions Rahul Gandhi

In Mandi, Himachal Pradesh, BJP candidate Kangana Ranaut questioned Rahul Gandhi’s “murder of democracy” remark, saying it is democracy itself. She met with party leaders and voters, promising a record victory for the BJP in Mandi. She visited a temple and prayed for success in the upcoming elections.

Kangana Ranaut, along with party leaders, addressed the derogatory remarks made against women in Mandi by Congress leader Supriya Shrinate. She emphasized the need to work hard for the political battle ahead and expressed her gratitude for being in ‘Chhoti Kashi’. She visited the Bhima Kali mata temple for blessings.

The Mandi constituency, where Kangana Ranaut is contesting as a BJP candidate, has a history of intense electoral battles. The current Congress MP, Pratibha Singh, has decided not to contest this time, citing unfavorable ground conditions. Voting for the Mandi Lok Sabha seat, along with other Himachal Pradesh seats, will take place in a single phase on June 1.

The political scenario in Mandi is heating up as Kangana Ranaut aims to secure victory for the BJP. With the support of party workers and the blessings from the temple visit, she is confident of a significant win. The upcoming elections will test the political landscape in Himachal Pradesh, with both the BJP and Congress gearing up for a challenging battle.


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