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1,185 illegal weapons seized in Rajasthan since enforcement of MCC on March 16

In Rajasthan, police have seized 1,185 illegal weapons and collected over 1.55 lakh licensed weapons since the Model Code of Conduct implementation last month. According to Chief Electoral Officer Praveen Gupta, 2,303 cartridges, 4,129 kg of explosives, and 7 IEDs have also been seized in the state.

A raid on an illegal arms manufacturing factory was conducted as part of the crackdown. Over 1,55,373 weapons have been deposited in police stations out of the total 1,62,777 licensed weapons registered in the state. Additionally, 1,692 arms licenses have been cancelled and 51 licensed arms confiscated.

Rajasthan Police have identified 1,400 settlements in various Lok Sabha constituencies as vulnerable. To ensure security, 299 intra-state and 225 inter-state police checkpoints have been set up. Furthermore, 3,819 vigilance groups are active in Rajasthan to maintain free and fair elections.

The efforts are aimed at conducting hassle-free elections and curbing illegal activities during the election period. Authorities are committed to ensuring a transparent and safe voting process for the citizens.


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