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Ashok Gehlot alleges our helicopter was denied permission to fly to Bikaner

Former Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot alleged on Wednesday that a helicopter carrying Congress leaders was not allowed to fly to the Bikaner Range. Addressing the nomination filing rally of Congress candidate Govindram Meghwal from the Bikaner Lok Sabha seat, Gehlot said, “Our helicopter was stopped in Jaipur and was not permitted to fly to the Bikaner Range.”

Gehlot expressed his concerns by stating, “Helicopters are flying all over India for the upcoming elections, but our chopper was not allowed to fly.” He urged BJP candidate Arjun Ram Meghwal to initiate an investigation as to why the helicopter was denied permission to fly.

State Congress chief Govind Singh Dotasra confirmed the incident, stating, “We had to come to Bikaner by car from Jaipur after our copter was denied permission to fly.” He mentioned that after the pilot refused to fly the helicopter, they had to rush to Bikaner by car due to the waiting party workers.

The incident has raised questions about the reasons behind the denial of permission for the Congress leaders’ helicopter to fly to the Bikaner Range. This development comes at a crucial time as the Lok Sabha elections approach, with political parties ramping up their campaigning efforts across the country. The Congress leaders’ inconvenience due to the helicopter issue has sparked discussions and demands for transparency in the process of granting flight permissions.


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