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Assam: Congress media cell chairman resigns following wife’s ticket denial




Assam: Cong's media cell chairman resigns after wife denied ticket

Assam Congress MLA Resigns as Wife Denied Ticket for Lok Sabha Polls
Guwahati, March 25 (IANS) Assam Congress MLA Bharat Chandra Narah has resigned from the post of chairman of the party’s media cell in the state after his wife Ranee Narah was denied a ticket for the upcoming Lok Sabha polls. Bharat Chandra Narah on Sunday quit from his post by sending a resignation letter to Assam unit Congress chief Bhupen Borah.

“I do, hereby, tender my resignation from my position as chairman of the Media Department, Assam PCC, effective immediately,” he wrote. Ranee Narah was considered a strong contender for the ticket in Lakhimpur Lok Sabha seat in Assam. She won this Lok Sabha constituency thrice and was once elected to Rajya Sabha as well.

Ranee Narah had also served as Union Minister in the erstwhile Manmohan Singh-led government. However, the Congress this time named Uday Shankar Hazarika to contest from Lakhimpur seat. The decision has sparked controversy and led to Bharat Chandra Narah stepping down from his position within the party.


The move has caused unrest among party members and has raised questions about the selection process for candidates in the upcoming election. The resignation of Bharat Chandra Narah highlights the dissatisfaction among party leaders and the impact of ticket allocation on internal dynamics within the Congress in Assam.

It remains to be seen how this decision will affect the party’s performance in the upcoming Lok Sabha polls and whether the Congress will be able to address the concerns raised by its members regarding candidate selection. For now, the spotlight remains on the fallout from the denial of Ranee Narah’s ticket and the subsequent resignation of Bharat Chandra Narah from his role in the party’s media cell.


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