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10 Best Business/CEO Coaches in India: Building Business Brilliance



10 Best Business Coaches in India

India, the land of opportunities is the most preferred location for startups. However, business startups are very high in enthusiasm and ideas but sorely need a business guide who can steer them across hurdles and achieve success.

It is here that business coaches have proved invaluable and just like Lord Krishna helping Arjuna to steer through the doubts and tribulations like a savior have served as a light leading the business entities to achieve their goals and succeed.

Mentors and business coaches help to advise and guide such startups and we have compiled a list of the top 10 best business coaches in India and just like a beacon of hope. Towering among the others is Dr. Yogendra, the CEO of MaxFate Group who stands out as a shining example of wisdom and guide to numerous business houses. Continue reading this article to learn more about Dr Yogendra, and his amazing and inspiring journey of mentoring business owners and entrepreneurs.


Best Business/CEO Coaches in India

1. Dr. Yogendra Deswar (CEO MaxFate Group)

Dr Yogendra: Best Business Coach in India

Dr. Yogendra, the CEO of MaxFate Group, can be considered a pioneer and a guide for many big business houses and helps them tread the road towards success by making smart strategies to obtain the maximum benefits. Dr. Yogendra with his inimitable style of grooming leadership qualities helps any business entity to race on the path of long-term growth. In today’s world of cutthroat competition, a guide and mentor like Dr Yogendra enables business owners and entrepreneurs to get a head start which will propel and keep them among the top-performing business entities. Often decisions which are taken by business houses have long-term consequences that can be both positive and negative.

Having Dr. Yogendra as a guide will help the business house predict future pitfalls and bottlenecks in the business operation and help them steer past these hurdles and achieve success. Today many of Dr Yogendra’s beneficiaries often vouch for the fact that the success their business enterprise is enjoying could not have been possible without his valuable advice.

2. Saurabh Kaushik

For almost a decade Saurabh Kaushik has been in the business of coaching and mentoring industry houses and entrepreneurs for more than a decade and the people who have been on his client list include Fortune 500 personalities, political leaders, major industrial houses, and hundreds of startups. His unique one-to-one approach towards mentoring his clients has led to huge business turnouts and phenomenal business growth to the tune of 1000 percent on a year-to-year basis.

3. Vikram Dhar

Vikram Dhar is a well-known business mentor and coach and his sphere of work has taken him beyond the borders of India and includes Thailand, Sweden, Italy, Dubai, USA, Canada, UK, Kuwait, Australia, Philippines, Guatemala, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Egypt, Jordan, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Israel, Slovakia etc. He is the brainchild behind the International Coach Federation (ICF) and serves as the mentor and coach of the institution. He has many success stories to his name and figures in the 100 global coaches and was awarded the Rising Talent Award by the World Coaching Body in 2017.


4. Snehal Kamble

Snehal Kamble is a well-known name in the arena of business coaching and his SnehalNiti brand has seen massive popularity. He lectures regularly in prominent business hubs like Mumbai, Pune, and Kolhapur. People listen in rapt attention to lectures that are singularly engaging and dynamic. He is a source of inspiration to thousands of startups who actively engage with him in their quest for success.

5. Vandana Shah

Vandana Shah is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF) and she has carved a name for herself as a corporate coach. Her motto is very simple and effective and it is to cut negativity and become positive in life. She has more than 3000 hours of coaching expertise under her belt.

6. S.A. Anand

S. A. Anand is another motivational speaker of repute and his clientele includes luminaries from premium educational institutes like IIM and IIT. His beneficiaries include members who adorn the higher managerial cadre of MNCs like L&T, and BOT VFX as well as prominent actors of Bollywood.


7. Dr. Vivek Bindra

Dr. Vivek Bindra is another motivational speaker and the founder of Bada Business. His motivational videos are viral on prominent media channels like YouTube and have been inspiring people from every walk of life. He has under his belt an astonishing seven Guinness World Records for the most extensive webinars on a range of topics. He is a prominent face in many seminars and can enchant his audience with his deep voice which is both magnetic and full of wisdom.

8. Dr. Suresh Mansharamani

Dr. Suresh Mansharamani besides being a serial entrepreneur is well known as a Global OKR (Objective Key Results) coach and has served as a mentor for many Indian entrepreneurs. His example as a businessman in a career spanning 42 years is rich with experience and uses his own experiences to guide the new and upcoming startups. 

9. Rahul Jain

The force behind Business Coaching India LLP, Rahul Jain could be credited for popularizing the idea of business coaching almost two decades ago when it was a concept which was in its inception stage. His rich experience and success story can be judged by over 17,000 business owners who have been able to achieve their goals under his tutelage.


10. Rajiv Talreja

The creator of Quantum Leap, is a corporate training hub that has trained hundreds of entrepreneurs and startups and helped them achieve success. His agency incorporates the latest and the most innovative methods to transform business and achieve success.

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