12 Kooku Web Series To Watch At Night (2023)

KOOKU is a popular over-the-top platform in India known for showcasing web series and short films made specifically to appeal to a younger audience. Explore a variety of drama, comedy, romance, and other shows with the KOOKU App for Android smartphones or online streaming on the website. Scroll below and find some of the best 12 Kooku web series for you to watch and check out at night alone.

12 Kooku Web Series:

1. Sajani

The story of “Sajani” is about a daughter-in-law who is unhappy with her marriage and mother-in-law and leads a covert life that includes an affair.

2. Chull Loveria

The story of the web series centers on a husband and wife who don’t have a romantic relationship. The husband receives a mystical like that, when worn by a woman, inspires romance. It is worn by the wife to promote romance.

3. Chull Dhulai

A peculiar undergarment that incites lust in its wearer and prompts dramatic alterations is the focus of the web series. It is transmitted to other women by way of a washing man’s delivery.

4. Desire Papa

In the Kooku online series “Desire Papa,” young ladies navigate dishonest relationships in search of unusual pleasures.

5. What The F!!!

A popular man who yearns for love. In order to be with his sweetheart covertly, he asks for his friend’s assistance in diverting attention from them. But the husband’s skepticism has a startling result.

6. Chull Room Service

The girl marries the male not out of love but because of his wealth. The wife isn’t interested, but the husband wants to connect. The plot takes a turn when a different woman offers the girl a panty, saying it will make her excited and ready for intercourse.

7. Courtship

The married couple’s satisfaction changes when uncertainty occurs as a result of a call. The judge suggests a six-month separation while a divorce is being processed. They come up with a strategy to find each other new mates during this time.

8. Chhupi Nazar Part 3

Everyone will be interested in how the game changes when it comes to business and a well-known competitor dominates the opposition.

9. Sanvida 2

Sanvida Jha’s tale is infused with optimism because we all have aspirations for one another. Let’s see who fulfills someone’s expectations.

10. Charulata

Mother-daughter interactions are at the heart of the plot. When the mother-in-law starts dating her son-in-law, she starts pressuring her daughter to get a divorce. The mother-in-law wants to be with the husband of her daughter.

11. Gulab Jamun Part 2

A father, a son, and two stunning women are the main characters in the entire drama. To get the males thrilled, a scientist created a chemical that can be combined with Gulab Jamun. The father and kid were exposed to that chemical by the lovely woman.

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12. BubblePur Part 6

Innocence, stupidity, passion, and humor all coexist in Bubblepur. Three friends’ arrival brings the pleasure to a whole new level in a remote community where everyone is unaware of the outside world.

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