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Is Angie Oeh Dead or Alive? What Happened To Afrikaans Rappers? How Did He Die?



Is Angie Oeh Dead or Alive? What Happened To Afrikaans Rappers? How Did He Die?

You must have heard about, Angie Oeh dominating the South African rapping industry. She is a famous young artist who is best known for her rap songs. In a short period of time, she has garnered quite a fanbase in her home country.

Sadly she is no longer with us. She took her last breath on Saturday. She was merely 24 years old at the time of her death. According to news reports, she lost her battle with lung cancer. She was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer. She died due to some complications in her disease. 

Is Angie Oeh Dead or Alive?

Famous Afrikaans rapper Angie Oeh real name Eurika Greeff is no longer with us. She died at the age of 24 after losing her battle with cancer. She died on Saturday i.e. 19th August. During her last moment, she was admitted to Life Wilgers Hospital in Pretoria 


What Happened To Angie Oeh?

Angie Oeh

As mentioned above, she died due to complications in her health while getting treated for Stage 4 Lung Cancer. Her dear friend, as well as Manager Wynand Myburgh aka Valkie van Coke, stated- “It is very sad and very terrible to lose Angie at such a young age,”. “Those who met her or have worked with her will know how wonderful and special she was.

How Did Angie Oeh Die?

She was battling Stage 4 Lung Cancer. She took her last breath on 19th August 2023 at the age of 24. 

Who was Angie Oeh?

She got famous due to her unique way of rapping i.e. mumble rap in the local language. Due to this, she captivated the hearts of millions of fans. She originally belongs to Pretoria and was born in 1999. Since her childhood, she showed an inclination towards music. 

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Angie Oeh Songs

Some of her best songs include Sys ‘n Hoe, Omdat Ek Wil and Dis Jou Wyfie. 

Wiki Biodata

Full NameAngelique Greeff (known as Angie Oeh)
Age24 years
Date of Death19 August 2023
Cause of DeathStage 4 lung cancer
Music JourneyStarted independently writing, producing, and releasing music in 2019
Hit Song“Dis jou wyfie” (Released in December 2021)
Artistic FocusAddressed societal issues, women’s rights, and discrimination
LegacyKnown as the first Afrikaans mumble rhyme chatter, trailblazer for change
AnnouncementConfirmed by Francois van Coke on Sunday morning
HospitalizationAdmitted to Life Wilgers hospital on 13 August 2023
PassingPeacefully passed away on 19 August 2023 at 17:24


Who was Angie Oeh and how did she gain fame?

Angie Oeh, whose real name was Angelique Greeff, was a renowned Afrikaans rapper known for her unique mumble rap style in the local language. She captivated fans with her music and messages. Born in 1999, she hailed from Pretoria, South Africa, and displayed an early passion for music.

How did Angie Oeh pass away?

Angie Oeh tragically lost her battle with cancer. At the young age of 24, she passed away on August 19, 2023, due to complications related to Stage 4 lung cancer. Her demise was confirmed by her friend and manager, Wynand Myburgh.


What are some of Angie Oeh’s notable songs?

Some of Angie Oeh’s popular songs include “Sys ‘n Hoe,” “Omdat Ek Wil,” and “Dis Jou Wyfie.” Her music was recognized for its focus on addressing societal issues, women’s rights, and discrimination.

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Who Was Joel Cauchi?

Joel Cauchi has been shot dead during an escalation that happened in a shopping mall in Sydney where he killed six people and injured a dozen others. 

He hailed from the state of Queensland, Australia and has been accused of the stabbing spree that occurred at a shopping center in Sydney. 


After a thorough investigation led by the law enforcement authorities and agencies, Cauchi’s identity emerged. However, authorities unveiled that Joel Cauchi “had encountered them in the past due to issues related to mental health.”

According to police, at the age of 17, Joel Cauchi was diagnosed with a mental ailment. 

Cauchi’s parents claimed that their son’s doings were “truly horrific.” They stated,


“We are still trying to comprehend what has happened. He has battled with mental health issues since he was a teenager.”

It is believed that a month ago Cauchi traveled to Sydney. According to police, he hired a small storage unit where he kept his personal belongings, including a boogie board. 

As per Joel Cauchi’s parents, their son had been living in hostels and a vehicle. Moreover, Cauchi’s parents added that he was in contact with the family only via text messages. 

Why Joel Cauchi Is In the News?

Until now, the exact reason behind Joel’s motivation to attack remains unclear, says Karen Webb, the New South Wales Police Commissioner. 


As per The Guardian, New South Wales (NSW) Police, while investigating the matter, said whether the suspect targeted women, but added it was an “obvious line of inquiry.”

Police added,

“Five other people – including four women believed to be aged between 20 and 55 and a man, aged in his 30s – who were in the center, died at the scene. They are yet to be formally identified. Twelve others – including nine women, two men and a 9-month-old child – suffering stab wounds, were treated by paramedics and taken to various Sydney hospitals.”

The tragedy took place on Saturday at Bondi Junction, a shopping center in Sydney in which Cauchi claimed the lives of six people. 


He attacked five women and a man, a security guard who intervened during the attack. Among the women, 25-year-old Dawn Singleton was a victim.

Moreover, the daughter of John Singleton, the Australian multi-millionaire, was another victim and the security guard was a 30-year-old Pakistani man, who was identified on Sunday.

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