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Biden’s COVID-19 Vaccine Requirement For Workplace Blocked By Supreme Court

On January 13, the Supreme Court voted six to three along ideological lines to invalidate Biden’s vaccine-or-test requirement for businesses, according to news on NPR. This workplace rule, announced by OSHA last fall, required companies with 100 or more workers to ensure that their employees get a COVID-19 vaccine or show negative results every week. 

In an unsigned opinion, the court wrote, “The Congress has indisputably granted OSHA the power to control workplace dangers but not the authority to manage public health more widely.” Requiring 84 million Americans to be vaccinated because they work in companies with at least 100 workers falls in the latter group. If you’re an entrepreneur, you’re aware that reopening your retail business after COVID-19 isn’t an easy feat. However, you can ensure you survive in a post-pandemic world if you follow the right steps. Below are a few tips for returning to the business world. 

Evaluate Financial Damage

The first step to rebuilding your business is determining how deeply the health crisis affected it. To achieve the best outcomes, start by evaluating your company’s financial health. Analyze the income, cash-flow, or profit and loss statements. Then compare them to numbers you recorded before closing business due to lockdowns. Doing so helps you determine if your business needs funding to recover from the impacts of the pandemic. Also, make sure your recovery plan accounts for advertising budget and employee acquisition if you had to lay off workers during the crisis.

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Create A Safe Work Environment

Maintaining safety and health at the workplace is key to boosting employee retention and attracting clients to your business. To ensure you accomplish this goal, business experts recommend following social distancing guidelines, wearing face masks, and maintaining high levels of hygiene. When it comes to hygiene, consider deep cleaning your business premises regularly to eliminate germs that spread diseases. 

While it’s possible for you and your employees to deep clean the workplace, it’s always wise to hire professional commercial building cleaners. In this case, make sure to choose cleaners with the right tools and expertise to provide COVID-19 cleaning services. Your service provider should be able to properly disinfect your entire building while following set standards. 

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Communicate With Employees Effectively

Communicating your return to work plans with employees is vital to ensuring a smooth transition back to the office. Effective communication boosts connection and affirms culture, thus keeping your employees motivated and engaged. Therefore, be proactive in updating workers about changes in the organization and return-to-work requirements. Make sure to celebrate wins to keep your staff motivated. 

Returning to work after the global health crisis isn’t a straightforward process. But it’s not impossible if you take the proper steps. First, assess the financial damage the health crisis caused and plan accordingly. Next, implement safety measures and communicate with employees about reopening after COVID-19. 

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