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Bike-riding robbers inspired by Dhoom captured in Delhi, solving 26 cases

New Delhi, April 14 (IANS) Three criminals, who were inspired by the Bollywood movie Dhoom, were arrested for robbing people and fleeing on high-speed bikes in the national capital, Delhi Police officials said on Sunday. The trio, identified as Ashraf aka Gullu (23), Taufiq (24) and Istekar (22), have been linked to 26 cases of robbery and snatching in Delhi, Noida, and Ghaziabad in the last fortnight.

According to Deputy Commissioner of Police (Crime Branch) Amit Goel, the arrest was made on April 10 based on specific information that Ashraf was in the Johripur area of Delhi. After multiple raids in Johripur and Loni in Uttar Pradesh, the three robbers were apprehended, and two motorcycles, including a high-end Yamaha R15, used in the crimes, were recovered.

The arrested criminals revealed that Nazakat Ali aka KTM (30) is their gang leader and that they are deeply inspired by the movie ‘Dhoom,’ stealing high-speed bikes to carry out robberies. DCP Goel mentioned that the criminals executed their crimes by looting people on bikes while in motion on the roads and speeding away, challenging the police to catch them.

The confidence of the criminals was evident as they brazenly committed crimes in front of CCTV cameras, changing clothes while on the move to evade capture. The DCP highlighted their audacity by stating, “They had also challenged that the police can’t catch them. They were so confident that no one could catch them while on the bike, so they had no hesitation to commit crimes even in front of CCTV cameras.”


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