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BJP MP from Kanpur declines to run in 2024 elections

In a surprising move, BJP MP Satyadev Pachauri from Kanpur has announced his decision not to contest the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. Pachauri expressed his unwillingness in a letter to BJP President J.P. Nadda, stating that he will continue to serve the party in other capacities.

Speculations have been circulating about Pachauri’s re-nomination for the Kanpur seat, as the BJP has not yet announced their candidate. In his letter, Pachauri made it clear that he does not wish to be considered for the 2024 polls, signaling a shift in his political ambitions.

“I am not inclined to contest the elections but would continue to serve the party in any way I am required to,” Pachauri stated in his letter to the BJP President. This decision has left many wondering about the future of the Kanpur seat and the potential candidates the BJP may put forward.

As the BJP prepares for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, Pachauri’s announcement adds an element of uncertainty to the political landscape in Kanpur. With the party yet to announce their candidate, Pachauri’s decision not to contest raises questions about the BJP’s strategy for the crucial seat in Uttar Pradesh.


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