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BJP Remains Strong in Ahmedabad East after Rohan Gupta’s Departure from Congress

In Ahmedabad East, the electoral battle is now between BJP’s Hasmukh Somabhai Patel and Congress’ Himmatsingh Patel after Rohan Gupta’s exit. Gupta’s resignation from Congress has boosted BJP’s chances, with Himmatsingh stepping in as the new Congress candidate, despite facing controversy over criminal records and financial liabilities.

Gupta’s abrupt departure from Congress was due to “constant humiliation and character assassination” by a fellow party member. This led him to join BJP, strengthening Hasmukh Patel’s position in the upcoming elections. Meanwhile, Himmatsingh Patel’s candidacy brings legislative experience and local knowledge but is not free from scrutiny due to his past records.

In the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, Ahmedabad East saw a voter turnout of 61.76%, with Hasmukh Patel securing a massive victory over his Congress rival. The high turnout and significant margin highlighted BJP’s stronghold in the area, indicating strong support among voters. The upcoming contest between the two candidates is expected to be closely watched as the District Collector began distributing nomination forms on April 12.

Despite 44 individuals collecting nomination forms, no nominations were filed on the first day, signaling a keen interest in the electoral process. The stage is now set for a tough battle between Hasmukh Somabhai Patel and Himmatsingh Patel as they vie for the seat in Ahmedabad East, with the spotlight on their campaigns and strategies leading up to the elections.


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