Bodycam Video Featuring Kenneth Knotts Homicide Death in Police Hospital Goes Viral

On Tuesday, April 9, 2022, bodycam footage of Kenneth Knotts’ death in police custody surfaced on social media, shaking the entire internet.

Kenneth Knotts met his ultimate demise at a police hospital while in custody. In the video, he can be seen asking for water. He also said that he could not breathe, as reported by CBS News.

However, in November 2022, he was restrained by several officers at the UT Southwestern Medical Center. At the time of his death, Knotts was 41 years old.

Geoff Henley, the family lawyer of the Knotts, obtained the video through a “third-party subpoena from the city of Dallas.” This was first published by the Dallas Morning News newspaper.

In the video footage, a minimum of three Hospital police officials could be seen pinning Kenneth down, and simultaneously pushing his back.

After some moments, Knotts could be seen falling silent and passing away. Medical staff confirmed that Knotts had no pulse.

What Happened To Kenneth Knotts?

Reports from 2022 stated that on November 19, Kenneth was taken into police custody. He was at a traffic stop when the police assumed that the victim could have some mental issues.

The police took Kenneth for a mental health check-up to the police hospital. Knott’s family lawyer accepted that Knotts was in “mental distress” and “irrational.” However, he added that the victim had no reason to die.

The lawyer stated the following to the Dallas Morning News,

“The guy was in mental distress, clearly he was irrational, but you don’t have to kill them to solve what is absolutely a medical problem.”

According to TimesNow, the medical examiner stated that “officers who pinned down Knott were responsible for his death, and it was a homicide”.

When the victim was pushed to the ground by the officers in a “semi-prone position,” he breathed his last from a sudden heart attack. However, as per the Dallas Morning News report, the cause of Kenneth Knotts’ death was not released earlier.

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