Lithuanian Influencer Inga Stumbriene’s Gender Reveal Party Sparks Outrage On Social Media

Lithuanian influencer Inga Stumbriene’s recent gender reveal party has taken the internet by storm, being called a “pompous” celebration while also endangering the environment. What happened was Inga Stumbriene and her husband planned to reveal the gender of their baby through a trio of airplanes that would leave smoke-like trails in the sky.

In the viral clip, planes can be seen leaving a blue-colored powder revealing that the couple is having a boy, who is standing in front of a balloon setup.

Gender Reveal Event of Lithuanian Influencer Inga Stumbriene Draws Social Media Fury

Three planes were hired, which made a big loop in the air. As they flew right above the couple, they shot blue-colored smoke. That is not all; fire sparks placed in the grass area shot blue confetti with more powdery smoke that turned the environment like a mini explosion.

She captioned the video,

“While we are enjoying indescribable joy and peace at home, it seems like the whole world is literally going crazy for our Gender Reveal celebration. I’ll be honest, I really didn’t expect this when I planned this beautiful and cosy family celebration that touched so many hearts around the world,” 

As the video started to go viral on various social media platforms, Inga Stumbriene was shocked to see the mixed reaction to her video. \

Until now, the video has reached over 25 million views.

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One of the user on X @pascalwald wrote-

“Dumpest thing I have ever seen. What is wrong with people nowadays.”

While another @rudes888 wrote-

“Inconsiderate a-oles ! All for a gender reveal thanks environment”

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